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Shovan Mandal

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shovan sfdcMonkey
Working with Infosys from last 3 years. Mentored 500+ people in Salesforce. Volunteer for the Hyderabad Trailblazin 2018 and anchored for three events.
Active volunteer/member for the Hyderabad SFDC developer group for the last 1 and half year.
My Hobbies- Exploring different places, A great foodie, Reading Books.
My Favorite Quote- Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
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kiran b sfdcMonkey

I have 3.5 years of experience and working in lightning for the past 1 year. I am working as a developer in Deloitte.

Skills : Apex ,lightning , visualforce,sales cloud,JavaScript,Einstein analytics



Post By Kiran :

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Pradeep Kumar

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pradeep sfdcmonkey
Salesforce Enthusiast and Salesforce Evangelist.
Volunteer for Hyderabad Trailblazin’.
Teck Geek || Life Philosophy :
Six W’s –> Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t.
“Once you see the results, it becomes an Addiction”
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Chanchal Soni

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Suneel Pelluru

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Suneel Pelluru sfdcMonkey blog contributor

Suneel is a Senior Salesforce Developer working for Indeed in Austin, Texas.








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  1. How To Generate package.xml Through Migration Tool and Change Sets

Abinaya Sivagnanam

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Somnath Sharma

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Hareesh goud

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sfdcHareesh sfdcmonkey
My name  Hareesh goud I have 5 Years of salesforce experience , Certified App builder and Platform Developer1
Email Addess: [email protected]

Daisy Scott

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Daisy scott-

Daisy is a technology expert adviser and Marketing head of a financial organization, based in California, USA. Her interest lies basically in indulging various latest technologies, to improve marketing. Being an expert technological adviser she also contributes and shares his live experience with latest tools about Salesforce Lightning.







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