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Spring 18 Lightning Components Features/Enhancement/Critical Updates – Highlights

Lightning Component
Lightning component
Spring 18

Oh !! It’s already Spring 18. Time is passing quickly these days (which means you are super busy with your things :p ). Are you ready for it ?

What should be the first thing when your application is being upgraded ? Yes, we must be knowing all new features of that upgrade and that means we need to read release notes. Spring 18 release notes is available and most of our sandboxes are already upgraded. (as of 20.01.2018 11:08 PM)

Here are the list of features / enhancements that are part of Spring 18 release and specific to Lightning component development.

We have a couple of critical updates specific to lightning component development.

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Critical Update 1

Use without sharing for @AuraEnabled Apex Controllers with Implicit Sharing (Critical Update)

Background: As we all know, if we do not define any keywords such as with sharing or without sharing at class level, by default it takes without sharing context. If the same class is being called from with sharing class, it will work in that context.

Surprisingly, this behavior is a bit different for lightning controllers. Till the current release (Winter 18), all the lightning controllers work in with sharing mode even if we do not define anything at apex controller header level.

public class LightningController {
  /* This supposed to work in without sharing context as we did not specify 
     any keywords at class declaration. But it works in with sharing if this 
     class is a controller of lightning component (until API Version 41/ Winter 18*/


This might look a bit strange but the fact is true.

Spring 18: This behaviour is going to be changed and will be in sync with our regular apex class contexts. There is a critical update to apply this functionality for existing components.

This critical update is disabled by default in existing orgs in Spring ’18.
This critical update is enabled by default in new orgs beginning in Spring ’18.
This critical update will be automatically enabled for all orgs on the auto-activation date, currently scheduled for after the Winter ’19 production release. The specific date for your org is available in the Critical Update Console in Setup.

Critical Update 2:

API Access for <lightning:container> Apps Is Revoked

Lightning apps that use <lightning:container> will no longer have access to the REST APIs from inside the iframe. Apps can still access org data through Apex remoting calls. I did not work on this component yet and do not have in depth information.

These are two critical updates available in this release as part of Lightning Component Development. You can activate them from Setup >>  Critical Updates.

Other Important Updates

  1. We can find dynamically create components ($A.createComponent()) using component.find(). There is a bug in the framework till winter 18. With Spring 18, it just works as you would expect.
  2. As we know, we can override a standard buttons with lightning component with lightning:actionOverride. But this feature does not work in Lightning console. It is stated in Summer 17 release notes when this interface was released. With this Spring 18, all override standard buttons with lightning components will continue to work in Lightning Console. Don’t you think it is a big relief as we do not need extra user training & etc.
  3. Style tag is no more supported in lightning component. This restriction ensures better component encapsulation and prevents component styling interfering with the styling of another component.
  4. Here are the list of new and enhanced Lightning base components.
  5. Here are the list of new and enhanced Lightning Events.
  6. The following interfaces are new in Lightning Components with Spring 18.
    1. lightning:availableForFlowScreensEnables a component to be used in a flow screen. Looks to be great.
    2. lightningsnapin:prechatUIEnables a component to be used as a custom Lightning page template for a Snap-ins Chat pre-chat page.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other updates and you can check this link for the same.

Happy Learning !!

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Spring 18 Release Notes

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