How To Change Size Of Visible Dropdown Options In <lightning:combobox>

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lightning:combobox is an input element that enables single selection from a list of options. The result of the selection is displayed as the value of the input. by default, size of visible list of options are 5, it’s means only 5 options in list can be visible at a time. there is no standard way to control the size of visible options in lightning:combobox.

here is the workaround to change the visible options size in &lt;lightning:combobox&gt; dropdown component:

Lightning Component :

JavaScript controller :

Output :

By default 5 options are visible in list

to change the height of drop down list or change the visible options size add following CSS in your component CSS tab:

Output :

for display 3 items in lightning:combobox list

Just change in the number of CSS max-height property, in above sample i have use 3 for display 3 items in drop down list, you can modify it as your requirement. if you want display 7 items in list then use below CSS:

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  • This seems to cause a problem when the lightning combobox is inside a modal. The combobox gets cut off by the modal and acts unpredictably.

  • This is working nicely. However, I have been unable to input text into the combobox. I am not sure if I need to write any explicit code in JavaScript controller for that.

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