Work Fast With Keyboard Shortcuts in Salesforce Lightning Experience

Ditch Your Mouse — Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here

One of the best practices while doing development is to reduce the number clicks in achieving the requirement. It improves user experience and maximize the efficiency.

Salesforce has provided keyboard shortcuts in Lightning Experience to maximize your efficiency and speed while working in Lightning Experience. There are some shortcuts to Edit, Save, Close a record and etc – all without touching a mouse.

To view the available keyboard shortcuts, press:

  • Windows: Ctrl+/
  • mac OS: Cmd+/

Keyboard Shortcuts in salesforce lightning experience

We can’t customize keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard shortcuts are not case sensitive. For example, Ctrl+B is the same as Ctrl+b. If Ctrl, Alt, or Shift is part of the shortcut, the sequence of the keys doesn’t matter. For example, Ctrl+Alt+A is the same as Alt+Ctrl+A.

By default, keyboard shortcuts work in all Lightning apps. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Of course, this is available only in Summer 17 upgrade. So, you can only verify in Summer 17 sandbox for now.

For more details, please check below resources.


Summer 17 ReleaseNotes

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