Lesson 1 – Introduction To Lightning Components.

Lightning Tutorial
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Introduction salesforce lightning component Tutorial sfdcmoneky.com

What is Lightning Component in Salesforce ?

Introduction salesforce lightning component Tutorial sfdcmoneky.com

  •  The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Modern framework for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces for Salesforce.com apps.
  •  Components are the self-contained and reusable units of an app.
  •  The framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the client and server.
  •  It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side.
sfdcmonkey.com lightning component tutorial
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  •  It’s comes with some exciting tools for developers.
  •  Is ideal for use with the Salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  •  A component can contain other components, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other Web-enabled code. This enables you to build apps with sophisticated UIs.
Why We are use the Lightning Component ? 

Introduction salesforce lightning component Tutorial sfdcmoneky.com

  • Comes with an out-of-the-box set of components
  • Comes with Rich component ecosystem.
  • Better Performance and Faster development.
  • Event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components.
  • Responsive design and cross browser compatibility.

Reference : Why We are use the Lightning Components.

Where we can use lightning components ?

Tutorial salesforce lightning component sfdcmoneky.com

We can use components in many different contexts. Like –

  • Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 App
  • Lightning Pages
  • Community Builder
  • Lightning Apps
  • In Visualforce Pages
  • Any App with Lightning Out (Beta).
  • To create stand-alone apps that are hosted on Salesforce.

Reference : Using Components

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