Lession 2 – Before You Start.

Lightning Component
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Before you start this lightning component tutorial, you have need to 2 things -:

Lightning Component Tutorial

  1. A Free Salesforce Developer Org. [If you don’t have? Sign up Here]
  2. Enable Custom Domain To Your Org. -:

So what is custom domain and why we need to have it, to learn Lightning Components?  So basically, A custom domain or My Domain is a way to have your own Salesforce org customized URL rather than a common Salesforce URL.

For Example :

Your Salesforce Org. default assigned URL looks Like :  https://ap4.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp

After Register a Custom My Domain, URL looks Like : https://yourCustomDomain.my.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp

To display lightning components in Lightning tabs, Lightning Pages, the Lightning App Builder, or lightning standalone apps, your organization needs to have a custom domain configured using My Domain.

To learn more about Custom Domain go to below link :

How To Enable Custom Domain In Salesforce ?

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