Create Shortcuts With “Favorite” Feature In Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Salesforce lightning Experience favorites Salesforce lightning Experience favorites

No doubt about it: that Bookmarks make the Web a friendly place. in Salesforce lightning Experience favorites feature, comes with the Spring 17 release. It’s only available in salesforce lightning Experience.

By the using of “favorites” feature in lightning experience you can quickly access your important content such as records, groups,lists, dashboards, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce.

“Favorites” feature available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

It’s similar to bookmarks in a web browser but it’s actually better because your favorites are stores in cloud and it’s always available, no matter which browser or computer system you use to log into salesforce Lightning Experience.

With Favorites, you’re just a click away from the things you use the most, no matter where you are in the app.

To Adding a new Favorite to your list is as simple as clicking the star  on your current page.

Salesforce lightning Experience favorites

to remove a favorite, click the highlighted star Salesforce lightning Experience favorites .

Only particular users can manage their favorites. They can’t be shared/edited by Salesforce org. admins.

Use the Favorites menu dropdown to view, search, and edit your Favorites.

Salesforce lightning Experience favorites

You can even rename or reorder your favorites so they work best for you. every favorite shows the name, record type, and the app name [when the favorite isn’t in your current app].

When you open a favorite that’s in a different app, you switch to that app.

The navigation bar also provides quick access to frequently used favorites in your current app for certain items, like opportunities.

Salesforce lightning Experience
See FAVORITES List from Navigation bar

You can Make favorite , these type of content in your salesforce Org – :

  • Record home for standard and custom objects. (including Visualforce overrides of these
  • record views
  • Lists
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Note
  • Chatter groups

Few Limitation For Favorite feature -:

  • You can have up to 200 favorites.
  • You can’t favorite list views on Reports, Dashboards, Files, Tasks, and Notes tabs.
  • You can’t favorite Visualforce overrides of list views and individual Chatter posts.
  • You can’t favorite things in salesforce Console apps and setup pages, but you can access your favorites items from these areas.

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3 thoughts on “Create Shortcuts With “Favorite” Feature In Salesforce Lightning Experience.”

  1. Hey, do you know where/how in the backend this is stored?

    it’s great to have their on top, but i would prerfer to be able to show them in a list view, so i would like to be able to filter accounts or opps on smthg like ‘is favourite for currenter uesr’-=true. if they can access them through the list views, this means they can do bulk actions or work with them directly. thanks

  2. is this favorite feature available for Community users aswell?? i want this enable for community users so that they can bookmark their favorite article.

    Thanks in advance


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