22 thoughts on “Custom Account Searching Lightning Component In Salesforce”

  1. Hello guys,

    I need urgent help and I just wanna know how to put all these steps together. I don’t know how to get it working. Can anyone please help me out. I need it to b done today itself. I’m new to lightning. Waiting for anyone reply who can help me. Thank you very much, guys.

  2. I have a question,

    How can we select the searched Accounts multiple times and populate them in a table under this search component. Once the values are populated we should have a submit(button) to submit this list to a custom object on Opportunity

    For example: 1)I search for A and get a list of Abc,Andy,Account test. From these I would select Andy and it should populate in a table under this search box

    2)I search for T and get a list of Test1,tes2,test3. from these I would select test1 and it should populate in the same above table under this search box.

    Any suggestions?


  3. I used the similar functionality and is working perfect for my desktop. But, when I used it on my mobile, As I have too many fields on the line items to display I should be able to move the screen right and left. I can scroll the screen up and down but not side ways. Is there any way to do like that.

  4. HI

    Great Page!

    I had a doubt. If I wanted to create Multiple fields to search like say the user enters name, product ID and then presses the button search and gets records with both given name and product id(AND Condition) How would the code look like?


    I am unable to do it.




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