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force:showToast Message Display In Multiple Lines In Salesforce Lightning Component

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Hello guys, today in this post i am going to share a workaround for salesforce lightning force:showToast event to display toast message in multiple lines.

In javaScript string we can use /n escape characters for insert a newline in string. so i have used /n in ‘force:showToast’ event message(string type) attribute, like following code in lightning component javaScript controller :

but still getting no result. 🙁  [display in single line]

single-line toast



This event is handled by the container. It’s supported in Lightning Experience, Salesforce app, and Lightning communities.

Solution/Workaround :

create a external CSS file with following code :

next upload this CSS file in static resource and reference in your lightning component using ltng:require tag.

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JavaScript Controller :



Happy Learning 🙂

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