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How To Use Toggle Checkbox in Lightning Component ?

Lightning Component

In this post we are seeing, that how to create and Use Toggle Switch / Toggle checkbox in salesforce lightning component By using salesforce lightning design system framework CSS .

Prerequisites : Basic understanding of Lightning Components.

Toggle Checkbox
Toggle Checkbox

Lightning Component [sample.cmp]

  • We are create a toggle ui:inputCheckbox  element by using lightning CSS style class. [PART 1]
  • We have a change event on this ui:inputCheckbox. which is call selectChange js controller function .
  • In the PART 2 we are create a HTML div with the slds-hide class so by default our Div part is hidden.

Controller [sampleController.js]

  • In the above JS controller we have a selectChange function.
  • In this function first we are get the div element by Using the aura:id
  • Then we are add-remove slds-hide class from div element by using of $A.utli.toggleClass.

Output -:

Toggle Checkbox
Toggle Checkbox

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